Is Holotropic Breathwork the same as what you teach?


Certain selected aspects of Holotropic Breathwork are included in Alchemy of Breath, such as the use of varied music ranging from sublime to shamanic. But we also use the power of silence too.

Another similarity is the encouragement to draw an image after each session, but again we differ in also encouraging a writing practice as well, as this gives a picture that is better revealed over time and continued practice.

Alchemy of Breath is the culmination of years of study and exploration of several traditions, including shamanism, plant medicines, meditation (various), yogic principles, chant, Matrix Energetics (the study of Miracles), Rebirthing, and Inquiry.

We also may encourage the breather to take an intention or question into the session.

We place much importance on the Body Archive, as we appreciate the body has cellular memory of everything that has happened to us.

As we follow the body sensations, burrow into each one, we use the power of an inquisitive mind to understand what messages lie within, what is it the body wants us to know.

Alchemy of Breath also focuses on Defragmentation; that is the process of bringing what is broken back into wholeness. The brokenness, or separation, is believed to be the root of all suffering, and we use the Breath as the bridge between parts of the Self that have been fragmented through past trauma and the adult, conscious self that seeks to embrace and welcome them, to be healed.

These parts of self are considered to be younger versions of who we are which became ‘frozen’ at the time of past trauma, then forgotten in an effort to hide the pain ‘away’.

But of course ‘away’ is nowhere else but in our own psyche, and we carry the wound until we are prepared to become our own nurse, doctor, parent and healer.

Alchemy of Breath also uses some principles of Rebirthing, and is the first practice to name itself as HoloBirthing – that is the birthing of wholeness.

Although a session can produce a peak experience, AoB remains focused on how to best use the experience and integrate it into daily life. What happens in between sessions is actually just as important – perhaps more so – than in the session itself.

By working with ALL parts of self, bringing them into synthesis and harmony, what has been our greatest challenge can be transformed into the gift that we bring to the world.

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