“My breathwork experience with Anthony and Alchemy of Breath through festival workshops, Seeds of Alchemy and now the Teacher Training has been a profound and powerful life tool in my personal journey. It creates the space for deep insight, connection and transformation in a safe and loving container. The work is not only powerful during a session but one that is easily available to integrate into everyday life. I deeply recommend Alchemy of Breath as an incredible experience to harness the power of true presence and connection.”


“When I walked into my first breathwork with Anthony at the Yogabarn, I thought it would be a lecture on breathing techniques. An hour later, I knew this has just turned my life around. It actually shifted my life so much, that I decided to take the year long training with Anthony. The Training kept me committed to the journey of self-healing and has transformed my life in many aspects. I feel like my heart has opened up again for the first time in decades and our training group has become a new  community for all of us. I am truly grateful.”


“The training is definitely something I felt called to do after Seeds of Alchemy 2-day immersion. Breathwork continues to open doors and the training allows me to fully investigate and be supported in my experiences. I feel like I am growing and opening towards life’s untapped potential. Also, becoming part of an inspiring like-minded community on a global scale is a great feeling!”


“My most profound experience from the year long training of AoB with Anthony was the amazing commitment, presence and genuine gentlemanly support he had for the training and each of us. Balanced in this rare precious container which Anthony masterfully creates, I was able to go to the depths of myself and find liberating strength in my vulnerability – among other expansive enlightening awarenesses. I have such huge gratitude for the caliber and quality of this work and am honoured to be continually growing and breathing in these realms. With abundant love and appreciation.”


“I stumbled upon Breathwork just under a year ago, after my dad passed away quite suddenly and our worlds were turned upside down. During my first experience I went deep and it was very intense, I released a lot of emotion, sadness, anger, fear and also accessed beautiful feelings of peace, love and calmness. I felt lighter and so grateful to have discovered a tool that gave me some hope and would help in my healing journey. Following that I continued with various Breathwork approaches and that is when I discovered Anthony and the Alchemy of Breath and began to breath on the free Sunday sessions. I have recently completed a Seeds of Alchemy course, which has helped me go deeper in my practice, peel back and heal more layers. Anthony is so knowledgeable, his approach is humble and he offers a beautiful balance of challenging you to go deep yet holding a safe place. I have worked with a lot of healing tools and approaches and for me Breathwork and working with Anthony and the team at AoB has been the ultimate in really deeply supporting my transformation. I would recommend anyone who is considering Breathwork for the first time to jump in, don’t be scared! The way I explain it is that your body intuitively knows how much you can handle and when it’s the right time for you to process what you need to to heal, and Breathwork really is a beautiful, gentle process to support that journey. I have just signed up with Anthony and AoB to do the Practitioner Training, given how transformational it has been for me this year, I am so excited to join in Anthony’s mission to help “Breathe the World”.




“I am so grateful to Anthony and the Alchemy of Breath Training. Anthony’s wisdom and generosity of spirit are unparalleled.  One of Anthony’s gifts is that he is able to teach and communicate in a very deep and profound way. Thanks to Anthony – and this training – my medical practice has improved dramatically. Through Breathwork and Inquiry I am able to more skillfully navigate complex emotional terrain and help my patients achieve a powerful new level of personal understanding and health. In my personal life, this training has given me the gift of increased stillness. With loving gratitude, thank you.”



I can’t thank you all enough for today. And Anthony I knew you and this work was something I’d revisit after my first experience with you at the yoga barn. I knew I’d been interested in following through with a breathwork teacher training in the near future but after today, I’m in… I’ll be in contact!! I LOVE you all and am eternally grateful for this work, for you, and this thing we call life.


OMG. Incredibly powerful session for me today. Anthony your facilitation felt especially wonderful today. Laughed and cried when you said “Let’s breathe some sense into this.” Such beauty, horror and depth moved through me. A wonderful reminder of why I chose this Life. Much Love to All!


Ordinary and extraordinary at the same time.


Thank you Anthony and everyone… today i had a big realisation…… i have been meeting my Inner Self in these sessions… coming out to comfort me in these emotional releases…. 🙂  lots of Love  XXX

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