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28 June 2017 – March 2018

If you feel called, you probably are…

The Alchemy of Breath Training is a one year program that will prepare you to become a certified practitioner. It is also a deep and powerful journey that will transform your life.

Perhaps the most common feedback we get from students is about the sense of community and family that is developed over the course of Training. Each individual, thanks to their own personal commitment, both reflects and absorbs from their colleagues. Through study-buddy formats, assignments and homework can be shared making the study easier and also more productive. Humor and fun are very important parts of our work together. As Ram Das said, ‘Wherever you go, if you haven’t got a sense of humor, you won’t find it funny!

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If you feel called to this work, then you probably are, and the Training is designed to take you from where you may be in your personal journey through a process that will support your development into a fully confident and qualified practitioner. You will be prepared for any eventuality you meet, and able to hold groups of a hundred people or more. You will be prepared to work with individual clients too as you develop the sensitivity and personal power to guide and support in a non co-dependent way that empowers your Breather.


You can apply your newfound skills in many different arena’s such as Child Development, Corporate HR and Creative Development, Therapeutic, Emerging Consciousness and Philanthropic. You can incorporate Breathwork into your current practice too, such as Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy – anything that involves an inner journey to self-discovery

The breath can be used in a myriad of ways, and you will be taught all the technical aspects you need to start your own practice or to incorporate it into your current one.


Yet in order to be a competent Practitioner, it means that we must focus on our own inner work too, and the Training is designed to work from within. This means we take the time to work with each of you and your own healing process to strengthen your own core so as to offer authentic presence to your client. This may seem a long way from where you are today, but working with the Alchemy of Breath family will soon show you talents you never knew you had!

You will begin practicing within two months of beginning, as our intention is to encourage you to break through into your own genius zone. We will be using video to record our sessions and send them to the group to learn from, as well as to receive feedback. Every two weeks we shall meet for a live webinar, where we will exchange ideas, feedback, and discuss what our challenges were in order to get advice and guidance.


Many of our students carry the candle for The Alchemy of Breath further, becoming trainers themselves. This begins with teaching your own Seeds of Alchemy 2-day immersion trainings, and evolves into becoming more involved in the one year Training too. The possibilities are endless.




Seeds of Alchemy – or the online version called Approaching Alchemy – sets the foundation for our journey together. It is two day residential immersion (or a four part online workshop) in which we will be doing 4 Breathwork sessions, plus examining ways and structures co-create healthy relationships. The take-aways from this workshop alone are life changing, and set the course for all that is to come. Even for those that don’t want to take the whole training you will find this intensive extremely valuable, as you leave with the tools you need to create healthy relationship, first of all with yourself, and then with others around you.


Level 2 focuses on the facilitation skills you will need to handle all the varying situations that arise when you guide an individual or a group through an Alchemy of Breath journey. We will study tools and techniques that have been acquired and honed over several years and from the experience of working with thousands of ‘breathers’. Because we convene every two weeks for a 4-hour class, you will have plenty of time to incorporate your knowledge and practice it – in fact we like to get you facilitating as soon as possible. Each two week period marks an incremental growth in your skills. But technique is not enough. For this reason we teach Level 3 at the same time…

Levels 2 and 3 run simultaneously


The Hero’s Journey is one of self-preparation you need to make in order to support the challenging moments that breathers are often faced with. The myriad of possibilities is so large as a breather undertakes a session and this calls for your total presence. Sometimes breathwork can be an ecstatic experience, but other times it requires digging deep into painful places. In order for your breather to feel safe enough to explore their depths, they need to be assured that you will be there for them, no matter how deep they need to go. It is only because of your commitment to your own healing that you can offer the quality of presence required, The Hero’s Journey is structured to give you the guidance you need to become the hero of your own life. Once your self-commitment is solid and established, you become a beacon to those on their own journey. This isn’t so much because of what you do, although professional techniques are important, but because of who you are.

Level 4 is graduation time

This is perhaps the most exciting part for me! To have met and served breathers as they show such deep will and commitment to better themselves, to be rid of trauma and to live in joy is the most rewarding experience in my life. To see you flower into your full strength as a facilitator is a remarkable thing, and during this residential workshop, you will hold your own sessions with the public. Your co-students and I will also be there to support you. You will be given at least two ‘angels’ or assistants, and the whole event will be managed by you. This is where all the learning you have absorbed comes to the fore. After each session you will give or receive feedback from your peers and also from me.

I knew this has just turned my life around


“When I walked into my first breathwork with Anthony at the Yogabarn, I thought it would be a lecture on breathing techniques. An hour later, I knew this has just turned my life around. It actually shifted my life so much, that I decided to take the year long training with Anthony. The Training kept me committed to the journey of self-healing and has transformed my life in many aspects. I feel like my heart has opened up again for the first time in decades and our training group has become a new community for all of us. I am truly grateful.”



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In order to give complete attention to each student, Anthony limits the numbers of applicants each year. He also likes to speak with you to give you a feel for how he works. Although he will explain more of the course and how it works, he also likes to know that each applicant is suitable for the journey. We are fortunate to say that over 80% of our graduates become practitioners of Alchemy of Breath, which is over twice the average. This is partly because our format offers a solid pathway to certification with private guidance along the way. We have chosen this more spacious method of teaching as it allows you to integrate all you are learning, ask questions as a result of developing your own practice, and share experience with your fellow practitioners in order to hone your skills to the utmost professional quality. We also attribute our high success rate to the sense of community we create. When you join us at the Alchemy of Breath, you become a member of a family that is here to grow with you and support you too!

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