The Hero’s Journey | Ängsbacka | 2nd – 5th January 2019

January 2, 2019
January 5, 2019
Ängsbacka Kursgård, Nyeds-backa, Molkom, Sweden   View map

Alchemy of Breath is a system of breathing practices that restore your self-awareness, love and compassion. 


The founder of Alchemy of Breath, Anthony Abbagnano has successfully taken Breathwork into festivals, yoga spaces, the corporate world, prisons, the Psychedelic Society, hospitals and to the dying. His work is noted for its application in the fields of addiction, transformation, personal empowerment, the integration of psychotropic and plant medicine experiences, and the opening of humanity’s hope for a heart-centered harmonious existence. By working with Anthony you will discover breathing techniques that will have an immediate effect on your wellbeing, and can be incorporated instantly into your daily life, improving your relationship with yourself, and therefore with the world around you.
If you know that you are ready to change, ready to embrace new potential, ready to clear your limiting beliefs, then the Alchemy of Breath is for you.

The body remembers

The body is an archive of everything we are born with, as well as all the trauma we may have faced as we have moved through life. Learning to live with unresolved trauma is possible, but oh how it limits and controls us! We get ‘triggered’ easily, misinterpret and mishandle situations, and may create many unnecessary and avoidable obstacles for ourselves as we stumble through life, uncentered and relatively ineffective whilst governed by our past stories and pains.

There is another way! A way where we seek resolution instead of temporary relief? A way that connects us with our innate wisdom with compassion and joy? A way that creates harmony and peace in our lives.

In our busy lives, where the demands of our work and home life compound the stress and anxieties that we suffer, what if we had a tool that we could use as a remedy?

One that could not just reduce the pressure, but reawaken our enthusiasm, reconnect us with our passion and even act as a guide for the way forward.

How exciting to know that the answer lies in each of us, and the quickest way to it is through our breath!



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