Are you looking for a breakthrough in your relationships? Or are you finding yourself stuck and wanting to create immediate shifts in direction? Are you ready to break through into a new realm of understanding?


Book a one-on-one session with Anthony, and join him in open but deep inquiry as to what may be holding you back, and what you can do about it – now.

As a Conscious Loving Coach, Hypnotherapist, and multi-level practitioner, Anthony would be delighted to hear from you – support you in identifying how you can create immediate changes. Using his intuitive skills you can develop yours too, learn how to apply new tips and techniques to bring life and vitality to your relationships.

30 Minute sessions $125
60 Minute sessions $200


from anywhere in the world


a recording of your session


Anthony Abbagnano is the founder of The Alchemy of Breath. He is also the founder of the Ark in Bali Indonesia, a retreat centre dedicated to community health and emerging consciousness. With 11 years of personal daily breathing practice, Anthony has explored many different styles of the breath, including Rebirthing, LeBoyer, Holotropic, Transformational, Sufi Breathing, and Pranayama. Now he brings his life experience of Motivational Speaking, Shamanic studies, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Bodytalk Therapy, Conscious Loving Coaching (Hendricks Institute), Sound Healing and Medicine and Aromatherapy to his Breathwork Practice.

As a result of his own healing journey, including the survival and transformation from a near-death experience, Anthony holds tender space for the depth of journey some need to make as part of their healing path, transforming what has troubled them in the past into the joy and ecstasy that a Breathwork practice provides.

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