This is the best possible way to make Breathwork a useful tool for you. It will equip you to use the practice on your own and with friends to deepen your self-understanding, compassion and capability to explore new possibilities for growth – no matter where you are in your path. It is also the Foundation Course for the Alchemy of Breath one year Training, setting the stage for an exciting journey of self-empowerment to being a top quality practitioner. Either way you will leave the experience having grasped the opportunity to make the changes you most want for your life.


Next Tour Dates Are

Next Tour Dates Are

1-Day Immersion – London

8th October, Sunday
Triyoga, Camden, London
10:00 – 17:00

2hr Breathwork Workshop in Ibiza

9th December, Saturday
The Wellness Source Studio, Lamuella, Ibiza
14:00 – 16:00
15 Euros (First 10 tickets then 25 Euros)

1Day Immersion in London

17th December, Sunday
Triyoga, Camden, London
10:00 – 17:00
£100 (early bird £90)

2hr Breathwork Workshop in London

15th December, Friday
The Old Finsbury Town Hall, London
20:00 – 22:00


Co-create the container

 Our vessel for the journey, incorporating our goals and objectives, clear methods of communication, and setting the stage for an inspiring way forwards.

Unconscious Commitments

We will explore the reasons that choices often end with disappointing results, how we can be effective support for ourselves and others who wish to create new choice-points.

The Victim Triangle

What is it? Why does it drain and disempower? How to step out of it with integrity

4 breathwork sessions

These are designed to embody the principles that we are studying. For one session (on 2-day course only) you will be acting as a one-on-one facilitator. We want to get you into the practice as soon as possible.

Group discussion

Opening to inquiry about our biography – What is that holds me back most in my life? Which part of me most needs my love?

Biography kick-off

What happens from now on? This is the basis from which we begin The Journey, and will be your own private point of reference throughout The Training


In a short ceremony at the end of the workshop you will be given a certificate of attendance.

Have you ever reflected on how little you breathe?

We actually get less than half the oxygen we used to before the Industrial Revolution a 150 years ago. What’s more, our brain uses 20% of our oxygen supply as food. Imagine what could happen if we consciously increase the supply!

The Alchemy of Breath is based on an ancient tradition that can change your perspective in as little as a few minutes. Even after one session you can incorprate the practice into your daily life. You can:

  • increase your creativity
  • improve problem solving capabilities
  • create a state of presence in any situation
  • improve communication skills
  • develop a refreshed and renewed life view
  • create immediate meditation capacity
  • create joy in your everyday life

Our Seeds of Alchemy course will give you the tools you need to take a whole new view on your life as it is, as well as take-aways that you can implement immediately to improve your relationship to yourself and others. You will be shown how to use your own breath to awaken your senses, trust your creativity, and deepen your presence.
From dealing with stress, processing grief or unresolved trauma, finding clarity and insight, greater connection to self and source, increased presence and mindfullness, enhanced self-love and compassion, unlocking your creative potential and more, breathwork is a powerful tool for daily life.

If you just stop for a minute, and notice… are you right now breathing a full breath? The sad truth is probably not. The fact is that we have learned to live a life without breathing properly, and when we do Alchemy of Breath with the proper support, something very important happens. We simply break through a barrier that we didn’t know existed. By increasing our oxygen intake, we increase our awareness. Imagine if you were to have more awareness and presece in all life’s situations, how much could things change? DO you have a decision to make, a relationship issue, an insoluble problem?

Alchemy of Breath helps create an entirely new approach to life and all its twists and turns and can help bring forth the fullness of who you really are. By taking the controls of your journey, you can create huge inner and outer shifts. With Alchemy of Breath as your tool you can: Join Anthony to learn new questions that stimulate inquiry to access the hidden part of yourself that already knows – your intuition. Use special techniques to uncover the enormous untapped strength that lies within you. Break forth into the fullness of who you really are!

During Seeds of Alchemy we will:

  • Explore how age-old reactions to trauma have held us back in life
  • Throw away the chains of containment and limited possibility
  • Lift the lid on what we thought was possible
  • Reclaim our birthright to a full and rich life
  • Cast off the chains that have held us back up till now
  • Make anxiety something of the past
  • Become aware of choices we never knew we had!

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