Welcome to our live events and workshops page. Discover more about the events we are currently hosting all over the world, and experience the power of working with Anthony and the AoB team in person. Allow yourself to be touched by the breath and a life-affirming sense of community; join us as we carry the message of the breath out into the world. 

Below you will find an up-to-date listing of all current live sessions.


20th-21st April 2019

Join Pablo & Monika in Bali on this exciting journey of liberation and self-empowerment, while being fully supported and held.

This workshop gives you the Fundamentals of Breathwork, effective tools and techniques you can use immediately to improve your relationships – with yourself and others. Develop a greater capacity for self-love and compassion, awaken your senses and deepen your state of presence. 


18th-25th May, 2019 

Join our Seeds of Alchemy 1 week live online course, which offers a whole new life-view. Giving you tools and techniques you can use immediately to improve your relationships – first with yourself, then others too. You will be shown how to use your own breath to awaken your senses, trust your creativity, and deepen your presence.

If you feel ready to create depth and meaning in your life then you have come to the right place.


22nd-29th June 2019

Join Anthony in Joshua Tree, California and experience the sacred stillness of the desert and the power of Breath. Organized by the International Breathwork Foundation this is an opportunity for transformation - a rebirth - an integration; a chance to dive deeply into the silence within yourself to bring about a true and lasting change. 


5th-15th July 2019

Join us for 10 days of healing, restoration, and deep contemplation where you'll be held gently within a container formed by Alchemy of Breath founder Anthony Abbagnano, our trainers, certified facilitators and recent graduates, with more love and support than you could ever need, so you can relax, heal, restore and melt back into the nourishment of your soul.

Blazing Mountain retreat center is nestled in the majestic Sangre de Cristo mountains of southern Colorado, amongst a rugged, wild and achingly still landscape, Blazing Mountain Retreat Center is a space designed to take you deep in an exploration of your innermost self. 


19th-29th October 2019

Located in an old converted wine farm surrounded by vineyards just 45 minutes outside Barcelona, BreathCamp Spain is sure to be 10 days of healing restoration, leisure, and relaxation you don’t want to miss. You’ll be inspired by the history, flavors, architecture and the raw natural landscape. You’ll be awe-inspired by what’s at your fingertips in the area. Explore historical villages with medieval castles and ruins, ride a bike through the countryside from the mountains to the sea, taste the flavors of the region, or take a scenic drive to the vistas of Montserrat. 

Looking for on-line courses?

No time for in-person events? Don’t worry! We offer a range of online study options, giving you the perfect opportunity to work with us at your own pace.  Our online programs have been carefully designed to allow you to fit an increasing range of our courses around your existing time and life commitments. Some are hosted in real time, and some are pre-recorded, but all can be watched at your leisure, so you need never miss out again on developing your passion for the breath.

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