IBIZA SPIRIT FESTIVAL | 7th October 2018 @Atzaro

The Ibiza Spirit Festival is a gathering of the conscious community of Ibiza… coming together in the spirit of love to create a powerful wave of transformational energy.

This is an incredibly exciting time to be alive, as people awaken to the realization that the rhythm of the world we have inherited is not in harmony with the song that plays in our hearts.  More and more of us are becoming aware that there must be a better way, and we are compelled to search for alternative ways of living and being.  As transformed individuals we are powerful beings… as a transformed community we are irresistible!

Our vision is to create a day of joyous celebration that shows us how beautiful life can be… how together we can generate the energy for positive transformation… in ourselves and in the world. We are dedicated to raising global consciousness by bringing the awareness of alternative lifestyles and individual transformation to our beautiful island so that Ibiza becomes a shining example of humanity’s highest potential.

This movement towards positive transformation is growing stronger each day, while at the same time our traditional systems of economy, ecology, government, and spirituality are proving to be outdated and unsustainable.  Clearly the human race has reached a critical juncture – a Choice Point – and our future will be determined by the direction that we take.  So how did we get to this point and where do we go from here?

The 20th century was the apex of humanity’s reliance on the ability of material science to make the world better in every way.  We believed that it was our destiny to cure all of life’s problems through the application of reason, technology and social research… it was just a matter of time.  This is what Charles Eisenstein calls our “Story of the People”, and it did indeed improve our lives by creating sustained material progress.  That was an important step in the evolution of humanity, but now it has outlived its usefulness and is falling apart. Our old “story” has resulted in a completely unbalanced materialistic society that abuses the environment, consumes too many resources, and creates constant conflict. It is time for us to create a new “story” based on the evolution of our consciousness and the realization that we are connected to everything… including each other.

Taking that next step will require us to make a great shift away from the current worldview based on fear, lack and limitation toward a new way of being that is grounded in love, abundance and freedom. Living at this higher state of awareness will create a society that values generosity over greed, cooperation over competition and fairness over injustice. This is the great opportunity that is being presented to us in these exciting times, so what can we do to help make this happen?

The first thing to do is stop, look around, and realize that Ibiza has the potential to be a shining example of this “new story” of humanity. Think about it: Why is it that so many incredible people from all over the world have chosen to make this little island their home? Clearly there is something very special about Ibiza and its people that tells us that this is where we belong.  Yes, there is the natural beauty that we all love, but it is much more than that.  Perhaps the main thing that binds our tribe of Ibiza people – the thing that we all share in common – is our love of Freedom. The freedom to be yourself… to break away from the constrictions of conventional society… to live life as you choose.

This is the true Spirit of Ibiza, and if humanity is going to create a new positive story then it must start with people like us. We are the ones who have the imagination to see ourselves as something different from what our culture and conditioning have programmed us to be.  Now is the time for us to “be the change we wish to see” by sharing this special feeling with each other and with the world. THE IBIZA SPIRIT FESTIVAL on Sunday October 7, is a wonderful opportunity for us to come together and experience this energy of positive transformation.  The beautiful agroturismo ATZARO will be the setting for this magical day that will inspire people to open their hearts and minds to new ways of thinking and being.  The Festival will highlight all of the essential elements of the Ibiza Spirit with amazing events happening all day from the opening ceremony at 11:30 right through the sunset at 20:00.  There will be Creative Dance, Tantra, Inspirational Talks & Workshops, Alternative Therapies, Yoga classes in all different styles, Ibiza Art… and some special surprises.  Music will be the messenger in Guided Meditations, Singing Circles, and the healing sounds that will fill Atzaro all day and into the evening.  Of course there will be delicious food & drinks to add to the celebration, and a magical Children’s Area created with love for kids of all ages.   The Ibiza Spirit Festival is a celebration of how beautiful life can be, and how by coming together in the Spirit of Love we can create a wave of positive energy that will help light the way to a new “Story” of humanity.

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