JOIN US, JANUARY 17, FOR THis 6-Week online


Join us for a 6-week journey of a life time, where we employ principles from Joseph Campbell’s, "A Hero With A Thousand Faces,” to inquire, identify and taking the reins of our own story. Through inquiry and the use of the breath as our ally, we'll breathe into all aspects of the self, awaken our potential and transform internal discord into harmony. 

You’ll soon get a clear understanding of where you are in relation to your life journey. You will have your own unique map that shows the pathways, behaviours and choices you can make to get to where you want to go without distraction. You'll also:

  • Heal and reclaim yourself. Learn how to design alliances with the parts of yourself you've forgotten, blocked or unconsciously hidden away, and enroll them back into your being, to reclaim your whole self and unlock your greatest gifts.
  • Live a renewed, revitalised, inspired life. Our divine right is to be curious, open, enthusiastic, playful and joyful! Get inspired to make the changes you need to step out of dullness, and into the life you really want.
  • Inhabit your power, become the creator of your life. Instead of being the victim of life's circumstances, learn how to claim your power, understand the resources you have, and use them appropriately to create your life and become the hero of your story.

As we journey through life, we're each faced with pivotal moments and thresholds that challenge us to break out of patterns that have been holding us back. These critical moments are meant as an opportunity to awaken to new level of being in our lives, but all too often, we trip and end up in the cycle again.

Throughout the course of the 6-weeks, we'll take a look at these patterns and how they relate to our life journey, along with the habits, beliefs and behaviours we've put in place to navigate this challenging world, and question whether they still support us reaching our full potential.

Then we'll focus on healing, exploring new possibilities, reclaiming choice and developing intuition as we step into our power as the hero of our story.


  • ​You feel like you're living a dimmed down version of who you are, and you can't quite figure out how you got here or what to do about it.
  • ​You have the intellectual awareness of repeating patterns in your life but you can't seem to change them.
  • ​You fear standing up for yourself for the consequences it might have on relationships, family, finances and your life.
  • You feel lost; you don't know your purpose or what life direction you should take.
  • You feel like you were born for a reason, you know you are called to more and you'd like to discover what that is.
  • ​You're ready to make change but you don't know where to start.

​And if you want more heroes in the world, you have to become the hero yourself.

Join us as we journey inwards, to restore our soul and rewrite our core beliefs so that we may become the hero we were always destined to be.

Program runs from January 17 - February 21

It was very powerful and I was able to process an old belief that wasn’t true any more. It helped me to see what old beliefs were still an unconscious part of me.

-Eric R


Breathing each week for 6 weeks with a group of safe people that are encouraging and supporting your transformation is a powerful combination that opens the doorway to move through whatever obstacles seem to be in the way. I feel alive and free.

-Cathy R

The workshop helped me complete one of my own journeys. I am grateful for all the support I have been given to find the treasure and bring it home: this journey healed an old, deep wound and opened my eyes to many more insights. Thank you!

-Ela V

here is what the training includes:

6 x 2.5hr Modules

During each module we explore 2 stages of the Hero's Journey. We discuss their different components and how they apply to your situation. Using exercises that challenge old thoughtforms and 'wipe the state', we'll identify a fresh chance to consciously choose new ways of thinking, new approaches and new solutions.

​Community of Peers

​Being in a community opens possibility for cross-fertilisation, real feedback, brainstorming, and the benefit of knowing we are not alone. As you develop your leadership skills, we welcome you to help others who are new to the journey and develop your coaching skills in the process.

​Private Facebook Group

​An exclusive, members-only Facebook group that holds all course documentation, schedules and announcements. Stay connected, keep learning, and hone your Hero skills.

Hero's Journey Workbook

​A workbook that follows the 12 stages of the hero's journey and provides space for you to undertake your own deep self-inquiry. This will not only become the template you use for any challenge you face, but also the tool you need to encourage others to change their own lives too.

Your investment:

One Payment



​TWO Payment



​How the course works:

Getting started

Upon completing your registration and payment for the hero's journey you will receive an email with detailed, step-by-step instructions to help ensure your successful initiation into the program. At this time you will want to ensure that you take the time to join our Facebook group so that you are a part of the larger community on this journey. You will also receive the zoom link for the online meeting room where all classes will be held. 


To aid you in your Hero’s Journey, you will be part of an exclusive, members-only Facebook group. This is where you’ll receive weekly support outside of the classroom setting and you’ll be able to engage with and benefit from the collective wisdom and experience of past students of the Hero’s Journey program. You’ll also have access to our gifted Alchemy of Breath Facilitators who are there to support and guide you as you walk along your own individual journey. 

Weekly Agenda

During each class we explore 2 stages of the Hero's Journey. We will meet on a weekly basis for 2.5 hours in our zoom classroom. While in the classroom, you will be interacting with other students of the program as well as instructors and will be using exercises that challenge old thought patterns, and consciously identify new ways of thinking, new approaches, new behaviours and new solutions. For your added benefit, each classroom session will be recorded so that you can return to it at any time for further study.

Class layout

Every class will build on the previous one and exploration, and will add additional teaching and understanding so that you, as the student, can progress ever deeper into your own Hero’s Journey. You can also expect to partake in various inquiry-based exercises and be lead through a breathwork session each week. At the end of each class there will be a Q&A period so that you gain clarity and further enhance your own and other participant’s understanding. Additionally, you will benefit from working with other students in breakout rooms where you’ll further explore the concepts and exercises together.

It was very powerful and I was able to process an old belief that wasn't true any more. It helped me to see what old beliefs were still an unconscious part of me.

-Eric R

​The workshop helped me complete one of my own journeys. I am grateful for all the support I have been given to find the treasure and bring it home: this journey healed an old, deep wound and opened my eyes to many more insights. Thank you! 

-E​la V

t​he guarantee

​If you fully commit to this process and put all the information and exercises we provide to work, they will revolutionize your life. But if you find that after breathing, inquiring, reading and implementing the techniques in this course, there has been no improvement in your life, we will happily refund 50% of your payment. In order to do that, we require your video attendance and participation in every session and completed workbook by midnight PST on the 30th day of the course.


Why do we do this in a group?

​I hear the training is ‘online’ - does this mean it’s all pre-recorded?

​Can we really get that deep by working online?

What if I can’t make all the classes?

​What is the difference between the kind of breathwork we do in class and holotropic or other practices?

Find your purpose, unlock your power, become the hero of your story and live the vibrant, joyful life you deserve!

Are you ready for your journey to begin? 

​meet anthon​y

​Having been a breather for decades, Anthony first incorporated breathwork into his other practices in 2012.The nephew of Italy's most famous philosopher (Nicola), Anthony weaves many talents into his breathwork practice including philosophy, Jungian psychology, spirituality, Conscious Loving, hypnotherapy and Matrix Energetics (the study of miracles).

The founder of Alchemy of Breath, Anthony and his facilitation team have successfully taken breathwork into festivals,yoga spaces, the corporate world, prisons, the Psychedelic Society, hospitals and to the dying. His work is noted for its application in the fields of addiction, trauma release, transformation, personal empowerment, the integration of psychotropic and plant medicine experiences, and the opening of humanity's hope for a heart-centered harmonious existence.

Driven by his passion to awaken the whole world to the miraculous gift of the Breath, Anthony is the pioneer of #BreatheTheWorld, an initiative to uplift world consciousness that has introduced Online Breathwork to thousands around the globe in over 40 countries to date.

Anthony has a unique and profound way of seeing and loving people, life, and the world. This pure expression is based on his ability to witness a person in their wholeness; this inevitably helps each person to cultivate their true capabilities. His ability to see someone's soul beyond their personality is a testament to his personal commitment to self-growth.

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