Hello breathers!

Join us for our Annual Ibiza Breath Camp from 15-30 May! Its Free!

We never realised how much value the Breathcamp could be to you! This is a chance to experience the Alchemy of Breath from several different facilitators as we celebrate the end of a one-year intense training. You can come for the full 2 weeks or drop in for one session – up to you. If you’re keen to see what can happen when you breathe everyday (with full support of facilitators and assistants) then don’t miss out! Come and enjoy our growing community completely free of charge!

Anthony will be there holding the space as you are taken through a complete breath ceremony once per day – some days two! This is completely free and you will get to meet AoB facilitators from all over the world. It’s also a great way to explore one-to-one sessions as our facilitators are eager to get more experience.

Below you will see complete details suggesting accommodation for all levels and affordable Car Rentals too. As soon as you register you will be invited to join the Facebook group so you can collaborate with other breathers that are coming for car pools, shared rooms etc.

We hope to see you at La Nave on 15th May at 10.30. am! The full schedule will be available by May 1st. We will be running breath sessions for 4 days, then one day off for assimilation and grounding. Watch this space as we intend to bring dance and other events on those days.

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