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Welcome to our Facilitators page! Find an Alchemy of Breath Certified Practitioner near you. Each one of these wonderful people has completed a rigorous training of one year, which covers not just technical skills, but also a deep inner journey. We are reaching out to all our graduates to include them on this page for you to find one close to you. Please keep checking as we will be adding them as soon as they furnish their details. More to come…

Emily Ray Henderson

Name: Emily Henderson

Location: South America & Worldwide

Training: Breathwork Facilitation, Trained Counsellor, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, Shamanic Yoga Practitioner/Teacher, Ceremonial Space Holder, Alchemy of Breath Practitioner

Sessions: Emily offers private and group breath work sessions. Sessions are typically one hour of continuous breathing that begins with connection and ends with integration for a total of 2 hrs.

Sessions can also include Ceremonial Cacao, Reiki Energy Healing, Counselling, Massage, Yoga or any combination depending on your needs.

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“I use compassionate and intuitive approach to help you integrate your mind, body spirit to make change, create balance and find joy and passion in your life.”

Indra S. Butschkau

Name: Indra S.Butschkau

Location: Bali/USA

Training: A variety of Breathwork Facilitation modalities, Certified Counsellor.

Sessions: Indra mainly works with groups but is happy to do individual sessions which would include breathwork and counselling.

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“Breathwork changed my life and made me a happier fulfilled person and I want to share this amazing gift with others.  I would like to bring it to jails, rehabilitation centres and anywhere I am called to do it.”

Hannah Goodman

Name: Hannah Goodman

Location: UK & Europe

Training: Breathwork Facilitation, Hatha yoga (Scaravelli inspired), mindfulness movement and meditation.

Sessions: Group / One to One / Retreats

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“Bringing the breath to the center of your experience and being awake to your awareness of the body and breath is the simple and essential start to your healing journey, your journey to becoming whole again”

Karen Iles


Name: Karen Iles

Location: Oxford/UK

Training: Breathwork Facilitation, Hatha, Yin Yoga (India) and guided meditations

Sessions: Karen works with groups and individuals to help release emotions that weigh us down, and discover new and positive ways to relate to the people in your life and yourself. To open up to new experiences

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“I’m motivated to share Alchemy of Breath to help more people unburden themselves of the limitations that are holding them back, and the accompanying anxiety, stress and dis-ease. I believe we each have a vast reserve of wisdom, love and courage within that the breath can reconnect us to, and which will direct us to a more peaceful and fulfilled life.”

Monika Reimann

Name: Monika Reimann

Location: Bali other locations

Training:  Breathwork Facilitation, transformational body work, yoga, pranayama, trauma release, deep tissue massage, reiki, music therapy and somatic mindfulness meditation.

Sessions: Groups

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“I have travelled the world experiencing different cultures and realities, discovering what connects us all. Within the dualistic world of appearances, I have searched for the essence that underlies all things, making it my vocation to bring people close to that very essence within their own being.”

Nastassja Barth

Name: Nastassja Barth

Location: Basel, Switzerland

Training: Breathwork Facilitation

Sessions: Groups and individual sessions, I work with intuitive movement, voice, breathwork and shaking.

It is my calling to accompany people in the challenging paths, to give support so we can all be the big ones we want to see in this world.

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“The biggest power for me lies in the fact that everybody has breath, it is always there and therefore the technique is non-invasive. You stay in your own power and create and control your path by yourself while being held in a safe setting.”

Daniela ‘Chandrika’ Ramser

Name: Daniela ‘Chandrika’ Ramser

Location: Berne, Switzerland

Training: Breathwork Facilitation, Qigong- Trainer (with Robert Stooß), Nonviolent Communication Empathic Coaching (Metapuls Institut), MAS in Systemic Counselling (ZHAW/IAP), Medium- Training (with Irina Radke), Soulvoice and Soundhealing Practices (with Miriam Helle and Heribert Czerniak), Sonic Alchemy Facilitator (with Amma Sophia Rose), Alchemy of Breath Facilitator (with Anthony Abbagnano), Biodynamic Breathwork and Traumarelease, Level 1 with (Giten Tonkov)

Sessions: I offer Sound- and Breath Alchemy Sessions. Regular Group Breathwork sessions taking place in Bern, Switzerland. Giving Individual sessions, wherever I am, using all my Tools

I offer that Space with my full empathic presence to others and assist the process of what ever wants or needs to be felt, embraced or expressed –  I especially enjoy to be a witness of the small and big miracles that happen within this work all the time.

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“For me Breath is the Essence of what keeps us alive and brings us back to MORE “aliveness”. With the first Breath in, we start our Life, with the last Breath out we end it. I believe that conscious breathing is a lifelong practice to live and to die in every moment”

Annie Langlois

Name: Annie Langlois

Location: Montreal (Canada), Bali, Online

Training: Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini Yoga 600h + Alchemy of Breath 500h

Sessions: Groups / Retreats / AOB Teacher Training (in French)


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“Surround yourself with the people and things that make you vibrate highly and make you smile. Practice non-judgment and do everything with love. But above all, always seek this love inside yourself and not outside, because everything you really need is already in your heart. “

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