​The most immediate, thorough and complete path of
 personal and professional breathwork development.


​The Alchemy of Breath facilitator training is not only about learning to facilitate breathwork-it's about exploring your greatest human potential. You'll embark on the journey of the hero, becoming the author of your own life, stepping into your own personal greatness and learning how to show up authentically in the world, no matter the situation.

 Whether you're a complete newbie or a competent facilitator, this training will meet you where you are. Together we develop your particular strengths and do the ongoing work to heal the parts of you that need attention and love, with the knowledge that when you conquer your biggest challenges, you unlock your greatest gifts.

​Join An​thony, the AoB team, and students from all over the world to learn the power of breathwork facilitation.


  • ​Learn the fundamental techniques to effectively support yourself and others through their own transformation and healing using the power of breath.
  • ​Become the creator in your life; embody what you believe and transform aspiration into a natural state of being.
  • ​Develop the confidence and capability to handle the myriad of possible outcomes of doing this (and any) facilitation work.
  • ​Bring your complete presence to life, and to the people who are breathing under your care. As much as this training is about learning techniques, it is also about ending all the things that interfere with the particular quality of
  • ​Undergo a deep and powerful personal journey that will help you find your purpose, meet your challenges, birth your greatest gifts, and cultivate your inner authority to deliver the best quality support.
  • ​Become part of the AoB family-a global community of conscious and passionate people all working for a better world.

​The Alchemy of Breath Facilitator Certification is not only the most comprehensive and widely accredited breathwork training on the market, but it's also structured in a way that engages, compels and permits you to put theory into practice in your own customised way.

 The length and time for integration gives you space to embark on your own journey, explore your personal style, and embody the theory, concepts and practices we teach. Perhaps this is why so many people who are already facilitators of the healing arts come to us-because the thoroughness of our training brings them to an unequalled level of professionalism.


  • 16 x 3.5-hour learning modules facilitated online by Anthony and one of the AoB trainers, covering everything from the AoB system of breathwork practices, to how to establish a business and bring the breath into your life.
  • Full Mentor Support: A monthly session with a mentor where you'll have the chance to work through any questions you have and any issues that arise in putting your teaching into practice.
  • Bi-monthly support calls with Anthony and the facilitation of your own inner Hero's journey-a deep exploration of your personal history, relationships, trauma, life experience and story.
  • ​Bi-weekly support sessions with a master practitioner who's there to answer questions that come up and support you through the entire process.
  • ​Weekly study buddy meetings to keep you motivated, connected and accountable. During these meetings, you'll discuss the weekly readings and exchange ideas about the theory and practice.
  • Lightweight and fun home exploration focused on exploring your personal story, developing your own intuition and learning how to apply your new-found techniques into your life.
  • Exotic international 13-day BreathCamp for graduation and practicum to fine-tune your practice. Each BreathCamp includes special guest speakers, workshops and a chance for you to lead and co-lead large groups of the public through breathwork sessions.
  • ​A core, essential and recommended reading list full of the top resources on breathwork, conscious loving, trauma, healing, presence, and much more!
  • Members Hub Facebook group where everything is stored and easily accessible and where you can access the AoB community for extra support if you need it.
  • ​A class psychotherapist (and certified AoB Facilitator) available for support sessions if required.

topics we cover:


​​​Alchemy, Philosophy and Felt Sense

​History of Breathwork

​Preparation of Space

​Receiving before you Give

​The Frame

​Voice and Language

​The flow of Music

​Inspirational Exercises

​The Power of Inquiry

​Handling Difficult Situations

​Training Your Team & Running Groups

​Grounding & Clearing

​Business Marketing and Outreach

​The Breath is the Teacher

​The Student Direction


​The Alchemy of Breath facilitation certification is one of the only courses available that's accredited by two different institutions:

​Once You're accredited, then what?


You can apply your newfound skills in many different areas, such as Child Development, Corporate HR and Creative Development, Therapy, Emerging Consciousness, Mid-Life transformations, Health and Wellbeing, and Philanthropy. You can incorporate breathwork into your current practice if you're a yoga instructor, life coach, hypnotherapist, bodywork specialist or psychotherapist-anything that involves an inner journey to self-discovery. The breath can be used in a myriad of ways, and you will be taught all the technical aspects you need to start your own practice or to incorporate it into your current one.


​Breathwork will empower you to be the change you want to see in the world. Many of us feel called to address the problems that exist in the world today, but we don't know where to start. It's overwhelming and yet, we can no longer sit by and do nothing. There is a way to change things and it begins now, with the next choice you make.


  • ​In 2017 all our graduates became functioning facilitators. That's unheard of!
  • ​This training has the highest level of support on offer so you get the greatest opportunity to explore and flourish as a breathwork facilitator.
  • ​The AoB system of breathwork is the amalgamation of all the different kinds of breathwork available-meaning you only get the best of the best!
  • ​We're a heartfelt, heart-centred course, that supports you on both your inner journey and in building your confidence as a facilitator.
  • ​AoB is not just a brand, but a belief that the best way to change the world outside us is by attending to our inner garden, the best way to teach is by our own example.

For the first time in my life I met a school, who gave me such support and the right tools, to go really deep in my process, release traumas, let go of old patterns, and be present, with a crystal clear mind and a loving heart. Anthony’s and the whole team’s presence allowed so much healing in me, for which I’ll be eternally grateful!

- Rita Corrao Velez

The Facilitators Training has changed my life. It is possible to live our unique Soul’s gifts, to align with the expression our authentic purpose, abundance and deep fulfilment.

​- Monika Reimann

My breathwork experience with Anthony and Alchemy of Breath through festival workshops, Seeds of Alchemy and now the Facilitators Training has been a profound and powerful life tool in my personal journey. It creates the space for deep insight, connection and transformation in a safe and loving container. The work is not only powerful during a session but one that is easily available to integrate into everyday life. I deeply recommend Alchemy of Breath as an incredible experience to harness the power of true presence and connection.

- Tanya Lopez

The training is definitely something I felt called to do after Seeds of Alchemy 2-day immersion. Breathwork continues to open doors and the training allows me to fully investigate and be supported in my experiences. I feel like I am growing and opening towards life’s untapped potential. Also, becoming part of an inspiring like-minded community on a global scale is a great feeling!

​- Hannah Goodman

My most profound experience from the AoB Facilitators Training with Anthony was the amazing commitment, presence and genuine gentlemanly support he had for the training and each of us. Balanced in this rare precious container which him masterfully creates, I was able to go to the depths of myself and find liberating strength in my vulnerability – among other expansive enlightening awarenesses. I have such huge gratitude for the caliber and quality of this work and am honoured to be continually growing and breathing in these realms. With abundant love and appreciation.

​​- Senaja

The Facilitators Training program impacted my life in so many ways at the perfect time. This course has a unique combination of both technical breathwork facilitation training and personal inner development. No matter how many layers you have already peeled back there is something right now you are being called to and this training will support that next step. I have been both a student and a mentor in the program and both times the calling and the transformation has been profound for myself and everyone I have seen go through this experience.

​- Keli Carpenter

​Starting the training with the AOB was one of the best decisions in my life. To meet up consistently over a long period of time, really gave me the opportunity to dive deep into my own inner inquiry. It was so much more than a training to me. It’s deep and healing work. It was connection to myself and to the group. It was expansion, stepping out of my comfort zone, it was growth; it was one step closer to becoming the person I am meant to be.

I found my purpose! Anthony’s beautiful way of teaching, and his artistic and poetic way of using his words really inspired me and still does. His ability to create such a solid and safe container, helped me a lot to find the strength to dig deep. I have nothing but love for this man and I will be forever grateful and proud to call him my teacher.

​- Marianna Manderscheid

​​The decision to train as a breathwork facilitator was hands down one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. As a licensed bodyworker, I had already just started a cranio-sacral training when deciding to follow my heart and switch to breathwork instead, and I've honestly never looked back. The combined use of personal process and structured teaching has grown me as a person and dramatically changed the course of my professional career as a result.

Anthony's insight and wisdom as the foundational cornerstone were exemplary and held me gently but firmly accountable throughout. I found my passion, I found my unique perspective on the breath (which is encouraged for all students), and I'm now deeply honoured to be able to support the training of new students in this life affirming work. If you are hesitating, LEAP! It's a decision you will never regret!

- Steph Magenta


  • A Greater Version of Yourself: You'll discover the tremendous resources that lie inside you, and you'll leave us with a renewed sense of purpose, power and direction for your life and greater confidence to bring your gifts into the world.
  • A Global Community: Alchemy of Breath is a family, and the moment you sign up, you become part of it. As we watch the number of our Breathers grow exponentially worldwide, we have seen it also become a movement, a burgeoning force of change in the world, and we'd love for you to be part of it.
  • A Facilitation Certification: Once you've become a Certified Facilitator you are invited to partake in our AoB Master Practitioner Apprenticeship program and the path only opens up further from there.

​TIME AND COST investment:


  • The cost is $7920 and all upfront payments receive an additional 10% off. 
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    Yes, monthly payment options are available.
  • Anyone that has applied and is on our waitlist has the ability to pre-register with thousands of dollars in savings (so apply today).

The Next Course Begins With An Open Orientation Held On June 19th


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