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Alchemy of Breath is a series of breathing practices that restore our self-awareness, love and compassion. What if there was something right under your nose that could change the way you see the world? By working with Anthony you will discover breathing techniques that have immediate effect and can be incorporated instantly into your daily life, improving your relationship with yourself, and therefore with the world around you. If you believe ‘the only way out is in’ then the Alchemy of Breath could be for you.



Breathwork is the quickest way to change our point of view. It may seem impossible that a conscious connected breath could have so much influence, but it really does! Adopting the practice brings awareness to our life and the decisions we make.

Our brain uses 20-25% of our oxygen supply as nourishment. But in today’s world with pollution, air-conditioned environments and less exercise, we are not getting what we need. The result is dimmed awareness, but we have got so used to it that we think of it as normal. We accept diminished vitality as our baseline, and our brain learns to live with less.

So what could happen if we increase the dosage? With the Alchemy of Breath we increase the supply of oxygen to the brain. We awaken the system again, and through our connected breath pattern, we not only restore our brain with what it craves, but much more too. For those that have meditated before, you will find the experience a powerful way to support your practice. For those who know they should meditate but don’t, the Alchemy of Breath will provide you with an instant opportunity to connect to the benefits of deep meditation.

The body is an archive of everything we are born with, as well as all the trauma we may have faced. Learning to live with unresolved trauma is possible, but oh how it limits us! We get ‘triggered’ easily, mishandle situations and create obstacles for ourselves as we stumble though life, uncentered and relatively ineffective. What if there’s another way, where we seek resolution instead of temporary relief? A way that connects us with our innate wisdom with compassion and joy?
In our busy lives, where the demands of our work and home life compound the stress and anxieties that we suffer, what if we had a tool that we could use as a remedy? One that could not just reduce the pressure, but reawaken our enthusiasm, reconnect us with our passion and even act as a guide for the way forward.
What if the answer lies in each of us, and the quickest way to it is through our breath?
Many people that have practiced breathwork have called it the most powerful experience of their lives.



“When I walked into my first breathwork with Anthony at the Yogabarn, I thought it would be a lecture on breathing techniques. An hour later, I knew this has just turned my life around. It actually changed my life so much, that I decided to take the year long training with Anthony. The training kept me committed to the journey of self-healing that I had started and has transformed my life in many aspects. I feel like my heart has opened up again for the first time in decades and the training group has become a new little community for all of us. I am truly grateful.”

Tanya Lopez, Event Producer

“My breathwork experience with Anthony and Alchemy of Breath through festival workshops, Seeds of Alchemy and now the Teacher Training has been a profound and powerful life tool in my personal journey. It creates the space for deep insight, connection and transformation in a safe and loving container. The work is not only powerful during a session but one that is easily available to integrate into everyday life. I deeply recommend Alchemy of Breath as an incredible experience to harness the power of true presence and connection.”

Hannah Goodman – Yoga Instructor, London

“The training is definitely something I felt called to do after Seeds of Alchemy 2-day immersion. Breathwork continues to open doors and the training allows me to fully investigate and be supported in my experiences. I feel like I am growing and opening towards life’s untapped potential. Also, becoming part of an inspiring like-minded community on a global scale is a great feeling!”


“I have had the pleasure and privilege of assisting Anthony in his work. Not only does he hold a beautiful and reassuring space, it also abounds with positive energy which is what makes it so special. Thank you for your space and your heart Anthony!”


“My most profound experience from the year long training of AoB with Anthony was the amazing commitment, presence and genuine gentlemanly support he had for the training and each of us. Balanced in this rare precious container which Anthony masterfully creates, I was able to go to the depths of myself and find liberating strength in my vulnerability – among other expansive enlightening awarenesses. I have such huge gratitude for the caliber and quality of this work and am honoured to be continually growing and breathing in these realms. With abundant love and appreciation.”



Anthony Abbagnano is the founder of The Alchemy of Breath. He is also the founder of the Ark in Bali Indonesia, a retreat centre dedicated to community health and emerging consciousness. With 11 years of personal daily breathing practice, Anthony has explored many different styles of the breath, including Rebirthing, LeBoyer, Holotropic, Transformational, Sufi Breathing, and Pranayama. Now he brings his life experience of Motivational Speaking, Shamanic studies, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Bodytalk Therapy, Conscious Loving Coaching (Hendricks Institute), Sound Healing and Medicine and Aromatherapy to his Breathwork Practice.

As a result of his own healing journey, including the survival and transformation from a near-death experience, Anthony holds tender space for the depth of journey some need to make as part of their healing path, transforming what has troubled them in the past into the joy and ecstasy that a Breathwork practice provides.

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